Josh Kopeika


Josh Kopeika


San Francisco, US


logo, identity, website




Theo Ford, Kieran Startup

Identity and website for Los Angeles-based art director Josh Kopeika – known for his past roles at Nike, R/GAA, and The Network. As Josh transitioned into independent practice as a freelancer, the goal was to capture his dynamic portfolio through a visually engaging online platform. With a preference for a long scroll of content, we crafted a layout that seamlessly weaves together his body of work, incorporating subtle animations to infuse rhythm, intrigue, and variation.

For the typographic elements the logo and titles were elegantly set in Louize Regular with supporting copy in Helvetica Neue LT Extended. Drawing inspiration from film credits, a layout was devised for supporting type treatments reflecting the medium most frequently featured in Josh's portfolio. This approach not only paid homage to his expertise, but also added a cinematic flair to the overall design. The resulting website is a testament to Josh's versatility as an art director and effectively communicates his creative vision and expertise in a compelling and interactive digital space.

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