New Mystics


Alice Bucknell


Los Angeles, US


identity, logo, website, development, animation




Theo Ford, Hanna Rullman, Tom Joyes

New Mystics, a digital publication curated by Los Angeles-based artist Alice Bucknell, serves as a platform for interviews with artists exploring the intersection of magic and technology. Interviews are strategically released in alignment with the Lunar cycle. 

Collaborating with designers Hanna Rullmann and Tom Joyes, we designed an identity and website for the interviews to be published on. Drawing inspiration from Tarot cards, we implemented a card-flipping UX and utilised a symbolic visual language, complemented by a dynamic constantly moving animated gradient background. The logo is set in Radim Pesko's Lyno.

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These interviews are conducted among artists, Alice and GPT-3, featuring artists including Dorota Gaweda + Dorota Gaweda + Eglé Kubité, Stephanie Comilang + Simon Speiser, Crosslucid, Sadia Pineda Hameed + Beau W Beakhouse, Even Ifekoya, Omsk Social Club, Himali Singh Soin, Bones Tan Jones, Ian Cheng, Jenna Sutela, Tai Shani, Zadie Xa, Patricia Dominguez, Tabita Rezaire, Larence Lek, Haroon Mirza, Rebecca Allen, Saya Woolfalk, Joey Holder and Zach Blass.

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